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Ricante Hot Sauce is a privately-held company specializing in Specialty Hot Sauces derived from the freshest organic ingredients Costa Rica has to offer. Its mantra "La Revolución del Sabor" " The Flavor Revolution" is based on sharing Ricky Ricante's discoveries with others to create products that enrich peoples' health and promote an active lifestyle. We are NonGMOproject.com Certified and packaging for our product comes from many recycled materials available here in Costa Rica along with some recycled materials shipped in from the USA, all the while giving back in a socially conscious way.
Buy Brisa pack
Buy Brisa pack

Ricante Hot Sauce has created a special portal for all Fans of Brisa to show their support in her quest to become the best surfer in the world. Clicking here will not only give you Ricante’s wonderful sauce at the same price, but Ricante will gift a portion of the proceeds to Brisas Travel expenses.

Pura Vida and Aloha from Brisa and Ricante!

Book Your Costa Rica Vacation
Travel in Costa Rica is something that if you have the inside track on activities and accommodations you can experience all that the Country boasts for a reasonable price. Ricante?s Awesomeness Experience is just that, your inside track to fun Zone! Under the Awesomeness umbrella we have 5 unique properties that offer options from Jungle Bungalows tucked into a natural mangrove, Hotel Tico Style in Town, 2 bedroom cabin on theriver mouth of Tamarindo and our Premium property within the gates of HaciendaPinilla.com featuring 3 luxurious bedrooms, pool and a family of native howler monkeys that show up from time to time. ll properties are family orientated and a pleasure to stay at. We are excited to serve up the most Awesomeness Experience you have ever had! Pura Vida and Bienvenidos to Costa Rica!